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Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Chesapeake Energy Corporation is the second-largest producer of natural gas, the 11th largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids and the most active driller of onshore wells in the U.S. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company's operations are focused on discovering and developing unconventional natural gas and oil fields onshore in the U.S. Chesapeake owns leading positions in the Eagle Ford, Utica, Granite Wash, Cleveland, Tonkawa, Mississippi Lime and Niobrara unconventional liquids plays and in the Marcellus, Haynesville/Bossier and Barnett unconventional natural gas shale plays. The company also owns substantial marketing and oilfield services businesses through its subsidiaries Chesapeake Energy Marketing, Inc. and Chesapeake Oilfield Services, L.L.C.
P.O. Box: 18496 Oklahoma City , OK 73154-0496 United States
6100 N Western Ave. Oklahoma City , OK 73118 United States
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College Colleagues
K-Adult Success Center

Tutoring/Success Coaching

We go beyond traditional tutoring and provide academic success coaching! Learners of all ages work 1:1 with a tutor/coach to learn class content along with HOW to learn the material. Bring your coursework to our warm and motivating center, and experience expert tutoring/coaching with a background-checked Colleague. There are no assessment fees or additional tests needed to get started. We specialize in ACT/SAT success, English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science skills.

Bully Proof © Bully Prevention Program

Students in grades K-12 learn more about bullying and how to prevent it in this eye-opening and collaborative workshop. Bring your group to our center or let us come to you. Let us reinforce your school or organization’s policies while implementing positive, research-based approaches to bully awareness and prevention. Bully Proof workshops are also available for teachers, parents, and administrators. 100% of past participants recommend Bully Proof.

Educational Consulting Motivational Speaking

Educational Consulting and Motivational Speaking are available for schools, colleges, universities, organizations and churches. We specialize in educational topics such as Collaborative Learning and Goal Setting as well as talks about Positive Thinking and Gratitude. Our Master Educators can establish academic programs (i.e. Academic Success Coaching, Supplemental Instruction (SI), peer tutoring) or help “makeover” an existing program. Keynote speaker and customized talks available.

Monthly Art Enrichment Classes

Held the last Saturday of the month from 12:00-2:00pm, our Art Enrichment classes are for learners age 5-15. This is an enjoyable and educational opportunity to learn about artists, medium, methods and create real works of art. The classes are taught by an Art Educator in a warm and supportive setting. In each class, students learn to follow directions, work with others, and learn from mistakes. Students enjoy the small class size, extra attention, and the snack time!

About College Colleagues

"We all have our own vision of success. At College Colleagues our vision of success includes assisting and enriching the lives of others through our unique programs. From Success Coaching/Tutoring to Bully Proof, to art enrichment, we are passionate about education and learning. Our mission is to share our passion for learning with the members of the local communities, so that they may reach their own goals in life." – Featured Article on Christine Vodicka

Bully Proof ©


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Expert Success Coaches offer 1:1, individualizedassistance in: MATHEMATICS,READING,WRITING,ACT/SAT/GED Prep,SCIENCE,HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES,and MORE! You may purchase one session to try us out, or purchase a coaching package of 3, 6, or 10 sessions. There are no additional tests or fees.

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K-Adult Success Center in Ohio. We are passionate about helping others reach their academic goals. SEIZE the A! #college #colleagues #tutoring #coach

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We are a locally founded, locally owned company. We are members of your community, dedicated to student success! We operate on an academic model – no hidden fees, no assessment fees, no contracts. With decades of experience in education, our passion is learning!

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Caches data from a backend resource, reducing the number of requests to the resource. As apps make requests to the same URI, you can use this policy to return cached responses instead of forwarding those requests to the backend server. The ResponseCache policy can improve your API's performance through reduced latency and network traffic.

You'll likely find ResponseCache most useful when backend data used by your API is updated only periodically. For example, imagine you have an API that exposes weather report data refreshed only every ten minutes. By using ResponseCache to return cached responses between refreshes, you can decrease the number of requests reaching the backend. This also reduces the number of network hops.

Watch this video for an introduction to the Response Cache policy.


This sample shows how to have cached responses kept for 10 minutes.

Imagine that you have an API at the following URL:

You're using the query parameter w as a cache key. Apigee Edge checks the value of the query parameter w whenever a request is received. If a valid (that is, non-expired) response is present in the cache, then the cached response message is returned to the requesting client.

Now imagine that you have a ResponseCache policy configured as follows.

The first time the API proxy receives a request message for the following URL, the response is cached. On the second request within 10 minutes, a cache lookup occurs -- the cached response is returned to the app with no request forwarded to the backend service.

The following example shows how to have the cache lookup skipped and have the cache refreshed. See also this video on the use of SkipCacheLookup.

The optional SkipCacheLookup condition (if configured) is evaluated in the request path. If the condition evaluates to true, then the cache look up is skipped and the cache is refreshed.

A common use of conditional cache refresh is a condition that defines a specific HTTP header that causes the condition to evaluate to true. A scripted client application could be configured to periodically submit a request with the appropriate HTTP header, explicitly causing the response cache to refresh.

For example, imagine a call to an API at the following URL:

Now imagine the following ResponseCache policy configured on that proxy. Note that the bypass-cache condition is set to true.

For more information about conditions, see Flow variables and conditions .

The element reference describes the elements and attributes of the policy.

The following table describes attributes that are common to all policy parent elements:

Use in addition to the name attribute to label the policy in the management UI proxy editor with a different, natural-language name.

None of the included trials performed blinding of trial participants due to the nature of the intervention and control treatment. In one trial, researchers who conducted interviews or processed self completed questionnaires/diaries were blind to the interventions of trial participants ( Lock 2010 ). As the main outcomes of the studies were reported by patients (mostly using patient diaries), there was a risk of detection bias.

All trials reported the numbers of participants who failed to complete the trial and the number of patients excluded.

In seven of the eight included trials intention-to-treat analysis was performed - all patients were analysed according to the group to which they were randomised. In one trial, children in the control group who elected to have surgery and those that did not complete the whole follow-up period were excluded from analysis ( Sneakers for Men On Sale White Leather 2017 105 8 Philippe Model 2017 White Sneakers for Men On Sale S48Nza3P4P

In four of the five trials on the effectiveness of adeno-/tonsillectomy in children, we judged the risk of attrition bias to be high due to the large number of participants lost to follow-up ( Lock 2010 ; Paradise 1984 ; Paradise 2002a ; Womens CapToe Nylon Sneakers Prada Cj6KcPU
). In one study, the trial was stopped at a fixed time period ( van Staaij 2004 ). Although the loss to follow-up in this trial was relatively low, only about half of the children were enrolled at a time point which allowed them to complete a two-year follow-up period.

In the Lock 2010 trial, loss of participants to follow-up at the end of the first and second years was not the only potential source of significant attrition bias. For individual participants, the data sets were incomplete. Data were collected using monthly diaries and self completed postal questionnaires. The mean number of diaries returned per child in the trial was 9.91 out of 24. As a result, it is difficult to work out how the outcome data relating to "mean number of episodes of sore throat per month" or "mean days of sore throat" were calculated. The study reported that the mean episodes and days with sore throat outcomes were estimated by taking the average of the numbers reported per (four-week) diary returned and multiplying that by 26 to get the rate over two years. It is possible that the diaries were missing in a non-random manner (differential missing rate), introducing a significant risk of bias. The study report noted that there was a possible overestimation of the number of episodes and days with sore throat. When the study authors adjusted for the number of diaries a child returned, the weighted mean number of sore throats decreased over two years from 11.4 to 9.0 for the control group and from 7.4 to 5.5 in the surgery group. We conducted a sensitivity analysis to investigate the impact of inclusion of these trial data in the analysis.


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